January 8, 2019

Our History

Mr. Conley’s architectural career began in 1987 working for an architect along the Southern Jersey shoreline designing hotels, motels, restaurants, night clubs, and custom shore homes.

After moving on to work for an architecture firm in the Greater Philadelphia area, Mr. Conley’s design focus moved towards shopping centers, super markets, office buildings, and multi-family complexes. During this time, Mr. Conley also refined his skills in building systems design including structural design.

While working for a larger, multi-studio firm, Mr. Conley learned the facets of local public contract laws and public work. He acted as Architect of Record for many school districts with work including highschools and elementary schools as well as municipal projects and higher education.

In 1996, Mr. Conley opened a South Jersey location with a firm from Northern Jersey where he would manage the firm and all of their public projects, including EMS buildings, municipal, and educational buildings. During his management, Mr. Conley was also a part of the collaborative design team for the mixed-use, mid-rise buildings along the Hudson River.

Robbie Conley Architect opened their doors in January 2000 and began work on a multitude of projects ranging from multi-use buildings, retail fit-outs, local municipal parks, the master plan for county educational facilities, single and multi-use family homes, and hospitality. Mr. Conley has also become one of New Jersey’s Premier Emergency Service Building Designers. For the past several years RCA has aided More Than 50  New Jersey fire departments, EMS stations, and police departments with their construction projects. As an active member of the Woodbury Heights Fire Department since 1982, ten years as chief, and a member of the governing of his hometown for seven years including a term as Mayor, Mr. Conley has a unique perspective and knowledge of Emergency Service planning and building as well as an appreciation for local planning issues and approval strategies.

Due to the growth of the firm, in 2009 Robbie Conley, Architect became Robbie Conley Architect, LLC. This change in form of ownership did not affect the production and personal service our clients have grown to expect. This change enhanced the company’s ability to serve our clients and create the best possible product for them.

The Philosophy of Robbie Conley Architect, LLC is to provide Quality Architecture at a Reasonable Cost and to be Responsive to the Needs of the Client, in a Professional, but Friendly Atmosphere. In order to meet these goals Mr. Conley has looked not only at the technical skills of each individual he has joined with, but also at their personality and their own philosophy. The team has extensive experience in all phases of the architectural practice on both public and private projects. Mr. Conley oversees all projects as they are developed, including drawings, specifications and studies. Quality control is maintained through a process of collaborative design and review amongst the team working on the project, and Mr. Conley’s personal review of all documents. With support staff, this team will develop a cost effective design, which will meet your needs and stay within your budget.